Wedding planning

Wedding Planning and Coordination in Indianapolis, Indiana

for busy couples.

Creative Freedom.
Help to get it all done!

How would feel if you had someone in your corner to guide you step by step through planning all of the details?



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How relieved would you be if you knew you weren’t forgetting something?

Sigh of relief

breathe a

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Could you relax knowing you have a team of wedding professionals who organize all of the tasks to be completed, manage your vendors
and create your timeline and coordinate your wedding?

Relax and enjoy

Sit back

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All you have left on your wedding day is to marry your

Best Friend!

Each meeting we will go over specific plans to keep you organized and in-control.

We will connect you with the perfect wedding vendors who meet your dream-day needs.

We will help create a unique space with texture, light, and color through table settings, decor, and gorgeous fabrics.

We will create a customized floorplan to maximize your space on your best day.

Our coordinators will help create unique timelines with all your vendors keeping you organized, informed, and stress-free.

Watch your plans come together seamlessly while you enjoy your family, friends, and festivities. From rehearsal to setup and teardown, we take care of it all.

We can help. Here's how!

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Lots (and I mean a dump truck ton) of prep work and decisions are made leading up to your wedding day.

We don’t just help you plan your wedding on our own accord, we team up with your venue to communicate the behinds the scenes needs for your wedding day.

This extra communication step helps ensure we give you a seamless wedding day.

here's how we are

There will be decision only you and your partner can make such as who is on your guest list and which vendors best serve your needs.

We work to empower you to make those decisions to be an informed consumer

Here's how we empower you

Only You

We know there are many things

can decide and buy for your wedding

A video e-course that tells you exactly what you need to consider and ask when making wedding decisions and purchases.

We do this so you can drop the overwhelm and make the best decision for you and your budget.

Most videos are 5-8 minutes long so you can even listen on the way to work.

Simple Wedding Planning

We really are with you for every step of your wedding planning journey.

Every Wedding Planning Studio couple receives access to this course.

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